RF - Announcing Release Date & New Trailer

by Paul on

Today we got quite a number of big announcements to make!

Last week we revealed that we would release Roche Fusion on Steam, and also made our Steam store page public.
This week, as promised, we are excited to announce our release date and we would like to do so with a brand new, awesome, and exploding trailer!

We will release Roche Fusion on Steam, January 23 of next year!

Until then we invite you to follow our Steam Community page, where we will be posting updates, news and other things to keep everyone up to date.

Other Changes

With the game being so close to release, we are now entering the last stage of our development process. This comes with a number of exciting changes:

First, we are closing down the open beta, since that version of the game has become really out of date over the last few months.

Secondly, we are moving the closed beta program to Steam. What that means is that our beta testers will from now on get updates to the beta version of Roche Fusion automatically and directly through Steam, and will already be able to get some achievements, and soon also compare their scores through the steam leaderboard system.

Lastly, we want to thank our beta testers and give something back to our great community of players who have been instrumental in making Roche Fusion what it is today with their feedback and suggestions. What we decided to do is use a tiered reward system, with rewards ranging from an entry in the game's credits, to designing an actual upgrade in the game.
You can find more details on that here: Steam Beta Awardments