Steam Beta Awardments

by Paul on

Our closed beta program has been a huge success and very valuable to us over the last few months. The way Roche Fusion was, and is being developed has been influenced a lot by the feedback we got from our closed beta program. In a way, the game really is partly made by our fans.

We are very grateful for all the great suggestions, ideas and even the bits of harsh criticism. We would not have made it so far without this support. Which is why we would like to give something back and reward our players for their dedication.

We have come up with a reward system for our closed beta program, now moving to steam. We want to acknowledge all our testers, but also give a little more to our most active testers for their ongoing commitment to help us improve Roche Fusion. This is why we have decided to have three tiers of rewards, as follows:

Give helpful feedback once in a while or report a critical bug, helping us finish the game faster.
Reward: Get an entry in the credits of the game

Give relevant feedback on a regular base and report bugs to help shape all aspects of the game.
Reward: Get a copy of the game on release + credits entry.

Give relevant feedback on a regular base and report bugs. Give suggestions throughout many builds. Share thoughts and ideas; becoming an integral part of the community and having a lasting influence on the development of the game.
Reward: Design an upgrade for the game + free copy + credits entry.

Only players that are in the Steam-closed-beta will be eligible for these rewards.
Players that were already in the beta before we moved to steam can find out how to join on our forums. Players that are not in de closed beta program yet but would like to join can apply directly for the Steam-beta here: