Capital Q and A

by Paul on

The last few weeks have been very exciting. A whole bunch of people signed up for our closed beta program and we have been very busy implementing feedback and suggestions, as well as completely new features.

Today, I have special event to announce that will go hand in hand with the release of our next closed beta build.
We will be doing a live Q&A, on the stream of player and streamer AstralSeer.
The event will take place next Monday, July 21, 17:30 GMT (that is 19:30 CEST), over at

In fact, AstralSeer will be playing the new build, while I will be available to answer his, and more importantly your questions about Roche Fusion, game development, the team, and pretty much anything else.
The new build itself will be put online right after the stream, for all closed beta participants to enjoy.

So make sure to mark the date in your calendar, drop by, say hi, and ask away.
Also feel free to share the date with anyone you know who may be interested!