New finding: red button opens closed beta

by Tom on

With Roche Fusion we always wanted to have a strong connection to our players. It was for that reason that we chose to share an open alpha version online. We have been releasing new versions on a regular basis ever since, available for everybody interested to play. From today on, we are slightly turning things upside down. While the current version will still be available to play for everyone, new versions will be limited to a selected group of people only. Roche Fusion is officially moving into its closed beta stage. For more information why we are doing this and how you can get involved, keep reading!


Why are you switching to a closed beta?

Getting out public versions takes time. We have to spend time making sure everything is balanced and polished enough to share with the ever-critical internet community. This is why we can only release these versions every few months. If we only release versions to our beta testers, we can reduce the amount of effort involved in this, and focus more on adding and improving features. It will even allow us to set up a tighter development schedule, releasing a new version every other week or even weekly.

Additionally, we hope that having a small group of people will allow us to really go in-depth on the feedback that is given to us and of course they can also act as guinea pigs for our weirder ideas.

Alright, I want in, where do I sign up?

Use this online form, but before you head over there, continue reading first.

The form asks me for a forum name, what's that about?

All communication related to the closed beta will go through the forums. This is the place where new versions will be announced and other important announcement will be made. So if you haven't signed up yet, you will have to do so before applying.

I filled in the form, can I play now?

After you have signed up for the closed beta, you will have to be accepted. We would like for our beta testers to actively engage by giving feedback and sharing ideas about the latest version. Beta testers will get access to a hidden forums where the latest version can be discussed, which is the easiest way of letting us know what you think. The developers will be active there to respond on all your feedback.

Do I have to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)?

No. You can share everything with other people except for the closed beta versions themselves.

Can I tell people I am in the closed beta?


Can I post pictures or videos of the beta versions?

Definitely. You can post screenshots and video's if you want or play the game during a livestream.

When will the first closed beta version be available?

Very, very soon.

Will the public beta version ever get updated again?

We currently have not decided yet if we will ever release another open beta version.

My question is not answered, where do I go?

The easiest way to get your questions answered is to ask them on the forums, or you can check out our contact page to find out about the other ways you can get in contact with us.

So why are you still here? Click that link and sign up for awesome explosions!