Two thousand and fifteen explosions

by Tom on

It is a new year. This is the third year that Roche Fusion is in development - we started September 2013 - and also the year in which the game will be released. In a previous dev log I already looked back at how far we came in this project. Recently, one of our beta testers asked about the future of Roche Fusion, and while Paul answered his questions in great detail, I figured the start of this new year would be the ideal moment to repeat some of the things we said in public.

Right now the whole team is focusing on finishing the game for release. We are finishing off more and more features, and the focus mainly lies on getting the game polished and balanced. We are still working closely together with our beta testers, who have been very helpful with providing feedback on a wide range of subjects (you guys rock!).

After the game is released, we will not suddenly disappear. Working together with our community was one of our main pillars for the development of Roche Fusion, and we are not planning to tear that pillar down. The days immediately after the release we will be monitoring if the game runs well for everyone, and we will try to deal with technical and gameplay issues if necessary.

In addition to providing support for the game, we are also planning at least one major content patch after release. During the development of this game, we came up with a lot of ideas. It is impossible to put them all into the game, but we will definitely try to get them to you whenever we see the chance. Don't expect this patch within one month after release, but we will try and get it to you as soon as we can.

It is currently undecided what kind of other updates we are planning. We definitely have some plans for some horizontal content (upgrades, ships, enemies, achievements), but based on what the community wants, we might consider adding more vertical content (completely new features, e.g. game modes). As long as the community cares, we will keep working together with everybody interested to keep making updates for this game.

For now our main concern is making sure that the release will be smooth. It is difficult to say what happens after, as we will be basing our choices on what you - the community - wants.

Then there is only thing left to say to you all: on behalf of the whole Roche Fusion team, I wish you all an explosive 2015!