by Tom on

Every once in a while, it is nice to look back at the journey we have already made, developing Roche Fusion. Today it is exactly one year ago since we had our first playtesting session (it is also exactly twenty-two years since the first text message was sent, but anyway). Back then, the game was still known as Beardgame.


Just to put this all in context, the playtest build was the first build to actually contain backgrounds. "What, no backgrounds!?" Yes, this is how the game looked back in the day.

Apart from the backgrounds, audio was missing as well. Our composers and sound designer have been working hard giving the game its own character through music and sound effects, making this old version almost unrecognisable from what we have right now. Below you can hear a preview of one of the new boss tracks coming to the game soon.

Back in March, we released the last open beta version, which for the first time included a coop mode, and we can see how much of the game is already taking shape.


Thanks to our closed beta participants (huge shoutout to you, you guys are the best!), we have been improving the game ever since, adding multiple ships, a ton of upgrades, and of course ever better explosions.

We are approaching the end of 2014, and Roche Fusion has played a major role in the last year. It is great to see how this game has grown, as I had never imagined it would become as big and awesome as it is today. We are working on some pretty exciting things behind the scenes, so keep your eyes open for some new cool stuff, and don't forget to follow us on social media to get the latest teasers about our newest content.