Sweat and explosions

by Tom on

After coming back from a relaxing week of vacation and catching up with some things that were Roche Fusion related or not, yesterday finally was the first day I could completely focus on Roche Fusion. With a new spectacular version coming up next Monday (read more about it here), there were lots of things to work on.

First of all I implemented some feedback that we got from our great beta testers and the visitors of Epicon, which we visited two weeks ago. The most important change is probably that the recharge mechanics for the Phoenix have returned, though slightly tweaked to make sure our top players don't spend their game in an infinite Phoenix mode.

Something that is also getting closer is a new ship for the player. We want to give the player the choice between several ships, each with their own unique gameplay. Over the past weeks, you might already have seen some concept arts and sprites, and I have been working on setting up the animation system for the new ship. I don't want to give away too much, but the least I can do is give away an image of the ship skeleton.


Because the game was not built to support multiple ships initially, I also had to spend a few hours changing some things around and setting up a more flexible framework to allow for multiple ships. After a lot of moving around, Roche Fusion should now be ready to have multiple ships, each with their own baffling ultimate!