First free content update - Now out!

by Paul on

Today we have a whole lot of exciting news to share with you: we have released a brand new content patch for you including new ships, new bosses, new upgrades, new achievements, and many small fixes all throughout the game. And to sweeten the deal, you can also get Roche Fusion for a reduced price for a limited time, so this is the perfect moment to get started blowing those colourful enemies to bits!

Read on for more information about what's new, and how you can win a chance to design your own in-game upgrade!

Content Patch - 1.1

It is hardly a secret that we have been working on the first free content patch for Roche Fusion over the past couple of months. A few of the highlights are:
  • two new ships;
  • two new bosses;
  • six new upgrades - of which two are completely player-designed - plus four unique upgrades for the new ships;
  • sixteen new achievements;
  • new variety in enemy patterns;
  • and infinitely many more explosions!

Check out the latest trailer to see the new ships in action, or jump in the game right now to give the new content a try.

For a full list of changes, check out the bottom of this post.

We would love to hear what you think of all the new things. Make sure to drop us a few lines in our steam community page!

Balance contest & Leaderboards reset

With all the new content, there are many new strategies to pursue in Roche Fusion. We have been play testing a lot the last few weeks and balanced all of the new content as best we can.

However, since we can never try out all the possibilities, we are asking you to help us find problems in the new balance of the game.


To do this, we are having a contest: we are allowing the two people who are on top of the leaderboards (single player; easy difficulty) for the two new ships - Lily and the Crab - and have also shared at least some feedback on either our forums or the Steam Community to design one upgrade that will make it into the game.

You are also free to put your feedback in a Youtube video or blog, and post a link on our forums or Steam Community. Bonus points of you post a screenshot of your game-over screen, or even record the entire game!

The contest will run until Sunday May 24 10:00 UTC. We will then announce the winners. In the meanwhile we will work on improving the balance of the game based on your feedback, and we will release an update soon afterwards. When the balance update is released, we will also reset all the leaderboards, so you can start anew with the battle for the top of the list.

For the full details on the competition, check the thread on our steam community page.

Trading cards & Sale

Starting from today you will be able to start collecting trading cards automatically by playing Roche Fusion. Collect all eight cards to combine them into a badge and collect emoticons and backgrounds to spice up your Steam profile.

To celebrate the release of Roche Fusion's first content patch and the trading cards, Roche Fusion will be available for a reduced price all week. All in all there has never been a better time to get started with Roche Fusion and/or introduce all your friends to the game.

Patch notes

  • ships
    • [+] new ship: Lily, a ship with a strong close range attack, but has non-recharging armour instead of a shield
    • [+] new ship: Crab, a ship with a charging medium range attack and damage absorbtion when not firing
  • upgrades
    • [+] new upgrade: Reactive Shield
    • [+] new upgrade: Hornet
    • [+] new upgrade: Aft Torpedoes
    • [+] new upgrade: Dimension Drive (courtesy of our friends at 2Awesome Studio)
    • [+] new upgrade: Battering Ram (designed by Saphire)
    • [+] new upgrade: Remote Bomb (designed by Meroka)
  • enemies
    • [+] new mini-boss: the Fatboss
    • [+] new epic boss: the Epic Drone (or: Project Paul)
    • [+] many new movement behaviours for the blue circular drones have been added
    • the Epic Spiky boss now also has healthbar for its three separate parts, to make its health mechanics more clear
    • all support enemies spawned by bosses now also scale and become more difficult to kill as the game progresses
    • the laser drones have been completely rebalanced: the smallest ones are smaller, have more health, provide less points, stay in ghost longer, and spawn in larger amounts; the medium ones are smaller, have more health, and provide less points
    • the hit circles of laser drones are now more accurate
    • the epic dragon has less health overall, but the remaining health is now more evenly split over the stages
    • reduced the amount of enemies Captain Claw spawns in his meatshield
    • events no longer spawn inside the remainder of circular drone swarms
    • the snake boss no longer causes a game crash if all damage was done by player drones
    • the snake boss now is equally likely to spawn as the rest of the mini-bosses
  • metagame
    • [+] 16 new achievements: Patient; Cool guys don't look at explosions; They're swarming; Quartet; But our princess is in another castle; Instakill; When life gives you limes; It's dangerous to go alone! Take this.; Health++; I am fully charged!; Endgame; Superstar; Secret weapon; Not so secret weapon; Hive Five; Division by zero
    • [+] in-game leaderboard have been added and can be found in the extras menu
    • [+] the total amount of times the player ship is upgraded is now tracked
  • misc
    • [+] an in-game console has been added (open using tilde; open and focus using alt+tilde)
    • [+] new end-game statistics: amount healed and amount of fully charged shots
    • the boss music had its volume increased
    • enemy homing missiles no longer suck up performance when no target is present
    • a rare audio crash when using Bullet Time has been resolved
    • end game statistics are now truncated if they no longer fit on the screen
    • a warning that was caused by one of the mod files has been resolved
    • several bugs in the weapon cycle code have been fixed, resolving some unwarranted behaviour
    • sound effects have been prevented to be played every frame, resolving some rare crashes at high framerates
    • further changes have been made to enable Roche Fusion to run on multiple platforms