Release platforms

by Tom on

The release is getting closer with the day and we are currently working on finishing and polishing the final things. I also have to bring you some sad news however.

Ever since the start of this project, it was our goal to release Roche Fusion for as many pc platforms as possible. We've had a running OSX version for a while now, but when we started incorporating Steam we ran into problems. The library we depend on for implemented the Steam API on our game has a problem running on newer Mono versions, which we require for our graphics engine. This means that it is impossible for us to get the OSX version to work with Steam. Even though we have spend many hours trying to resolve these issues, we had no other choice than to exclude OSX as release platform.

Earlier in the project we already ran into some issues with the Linux version, which are also currently out of our scope to fix. This leaves Windows as the only release platform for now. As the majority of pc gamers still uses Windows as primary gaming platform, we will focus on releasing the game on Windows.

This does not mean we will not continue to pursue other platforms to release Roche Fusion on. After the Windows version is released we will keep working together with the creators of the libraries we depend on to bring you Roche Fusion on as many platforms as possible. As soon as we are confident that the game runs on a new platform, we will release support for that platform in a patch for everybody who has bought the game so far.

Until then we will continue to provide support and updates for the Windows version, which is still planned to release January 23.