Final Stretch

by Paul on

Time has been flying since we announced our release date just a few weeks ago. It is now less than 3 weeks to go, before Roche Fusion will be available on Steam for everyone.

This means that we are really on our final stretch, working hard to make sure the game will be as awesome as possible. Just over the last two weeks, and in particular in a new closed-beta release last weekend, we have added Steam achievements, statistics and more. We are also busy polishing every aspect of the game and balancing the game play as best we can.

Through all of this, we are working very closely with out closed-beta testers. We have been putting out new builds of the game on a weekly basis, and are now switching to twice a week. This way, our players have a lot of influence on the final points and details of the game, making sure it will be as fun as possible when we release.

Overall this is a stressful, but also very exciting time. While we still have a lot of work cut out for us, we are confident that we will have a successful and amazing, if not exploding launch.

We want to thank everybody who has stuck with us over the months, and also welcome all our newer fans. If you would like to see Roche Fusion become as big as possible be sure to follow our Steam Community page, put the game on your Steam wish-list, like our Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or do the many other things you can do.
And of course share it with your friends, family, random strangers on the internet, and whoever else may be interested in some exploding fun!