by Paul on

We have always said that we want to develop Roche Fusion not only for our players, but also with our players.

One way of doing so has been to post regular updates on our news feed, and to stream some of our development on Twitch. However, due to always being busy with something or other, these things have been a bit on and off over the months.

This is why we have two announcements to make:

First, we added a new section - the dev log - to both our website and forum.
Here we will post more frequent and smaller updates, about anything we are working on at the time. If you are interested, also check out our forums, where you can give us feedback directly and participate in discussions about all these things.

Second, starting today (well, strictly speaking last week) we will have a weekly development stream! You can watch us develop live on Twitch, every Sunday from 16:00 to 21:00 GMT.
That is also a great place to see how we are working and what we are working on, and of course you can talk to us in person there.

We will most likely also stream at other times irregularly. To not miss those events, make sure to subscribe to us on Twitch, or follow us on Twitter (see here).

I hope you are as excited about this as we are.
We hope to be able to use this to share much more information, and to interact with our players, other developers, and anyone else interested.

All with the goal of making Roche Fusion as awesome as possible!