Pretty pixels... on the web

by Tom on

With the newest release of our game looking slicker than before, we thought the website could use a touch as well. The frontpage is now more concise and also shows you the last few highscores so you can observe them in awe or laugh at the puny scores. We have also extended the leaderboards to show the top scores of the last three days and the top scores by player now, so if you can’t beat that uber-score Bas has put on the leaderboards, you can still brag about getting the best score in a period of 72 hours.

We are aware that some people are experiencing difficulties with playing our newest version. We are very sorry for that. Some problems are still being looked into and will hopefully be fixed in future releases. We have put together a short FAQ which might aid you in solving your issues. An OSX version is also on the agenda, but we still have a few minor technical difficulties to solve before it is ready to be downloaded.