Clash of the Beards

by Tom on

Remember that we told you we were being interviewed? That we would become famous on the internet? Well, we weren’t lying! Gamekings did a great job in editing our rambling together into something that makes sense. The item they made gives a good impression of our team and game, so if you understand Dutch (it is mostly in Dutch, though also partly English), make sure to check out the interview over here!

In the meanwhile the battle for the top 10 of the leaderboards is still going on. A lot of people are playing the newest version of the game, some of them getting insane scores that we never thought possible. Make sure to tell us if you have any feedback and we’ll make sure to consider it for future releases. If you haven’t checked our public beta yet, make sure to hit the big download button on the frontpage, and maybe you can make it onto the leaderboards as well!