Suddenly, cameras!

by Tom on

As we mentioned in our last post, last Wednesday some people from Gamekings came over to poke cameras in our face, forcing us to tell them all our darkest secrets. Despite our stagefright and tendency to ramble, we had the opportunity to tell them about our game and ourselves. We will make sure to let you know when the interview is up. As a bonus we may further be posting some bloopers for added hilarity.

In other news, we have to admit to feeling a bit guilty that you guys are still playing ye olde 0.3 alpha version of Roche Fusion. To do our best in making that up to you, we are busily preparing to upload the latest version of the game in just a few days, so you can also enjoy all the cool new explosions stuff we have added! We are also working hard to make sure that from this version onward you will be able to upload your highscore to our online leaderboard for extra bragging rights!