Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

by Tom on

We're back! Well, we actually never were really gone, but still we're back. After riding the January rollercoaster, it is time to return to this project. While we weren't able to get much done last month, we just couldn't stop coming up with ideas and because we couldn't keep our hands off playing this game, we also came up with a lot of small improvements. All in all that means we have enough to do for the coming weeks.

After hammering out the gameplay and graphics style, we will hopefully soon be able to present some music as well. You have already been able to hear some samples in our latest videos and we will be working with ourt composers to create an awesome soundtrack for an awesome gamesomething that we're all happy with.

So, what can you expect from us in the next few days. We will be working on improving and expanding on the enemies' behaviour, add some graphical touches here and there including an improvednt HUD, and we will be finishing off the super epic amazing blazing b- huh...? Oh, I am being told I am not supposed to talk about that yet. I guess you'll have to watch some live streams this week to find out more, but I can give you some hints: yes, it's a bird and yes, it's a plane too!