Welcome to the club

by Tom on

Surprise! We know we said we could not spend much time on the game this month, but we just couldn’t resist. It is now official: Roche Fusion is officially supported on Mac OSX. We will still be making changes in the next weeks to enhance cross platform compatibility, but in essence the game now runs smoothly on OSX. Under the guise of “pics or it didn’t happen”, here is a screenshot to prove I am not lying.


Accidentally, the changes we made to get things running smoothly on OSX mean that our support for other platforms as well as performance has also improved in general.

Of course we will also be supporting Linux eventually, so for those geeks out there that prefer to do everything with the terminal: there will be enemies to blow up for you as well.

Soon we will pick up the pace again working on Roche Fusion. Keep an eye out for awesome screenshots, witty tweets, silly newsposts and top of the notch live codestaring sessions next week, as we can’t wait to add more epic weapons, glowing pixels and of course evil masterminds to the game for you to enjoy.