Happy new Ye..! oh.

by Paul on

Happy warm, sunny and not at all white winter to all our fellow Europeans, and happy <appropriate seasonal banality> to everyone else!

As promised, and we are back.
Somewhat delayed I admit, but unfortunately none of us is working on Roche Fusion fulltime and therefore other things sometimes catch up with you and keep you busy for much longer than you would like.

However, we have not been completely idle this year, and have already had meetings and discussions, and made lists. Lists of things. Lists of lists. And decisions! We have made decisions, too.

And with these things, development of Roche Fusion will now officially continue.
Probably a bit slower at first, but if everything goes as planned (and let's hope so, or we will have to change those lists of lists of things again!), we will be picking up the pace next month.

Stay tuned, and if you live in Northern America, send us some snow!