by Paul on

Despite some challenges, mostly consisting of my internet connection transmitting about as many bits per second as a stone, code was still written.

Namely, we have implemented some long planned changes to the upgrade system: You, the player, can now pick up little green orbs dropped by enemies, which improve things like your weapon's damage, fire rate or cool down. That frees up the less frequent upgrade stations for much more exciting things like more weapons and other equipment.


I have further been working on the HUD, to give an overview about the player's current arsenal. This is by no means finished, but you can already see beginnings of the feature in the screenshot above.

And that is all for now.
We hope to have one big post with some really cool stuff in a few days, and then we will take a week or two off, to spend some time in the real world. But don't worry, we will surely be back before you know it!

603 commits, 6533 lines of code, many numbers, numbers, math, math, math, and 296 awesome