Heavy Matter

by Tom on

Last week a lot of people got their hands on the newest version of Roche Fusion. From watching over their backs and their feedback we have learned a lot and the first changes based on these suggestions have already been implemented. We would like to thank everyone that was at the playtesting session last week once more, and of course everyone else that tried our game and gave their feedback as well. The response was almost exclusively positive (duh! .. No seriously, that is super motivating!) and we are pumped to show you more awesome stuff.

So, let’s get started. My slave colleague has implemented an awesome new gun that will gravitationally rip your enemies apart with a black hole and speaking of guns: we are working on making the upgrade system even more awesome. Not only are we adding the craziest things you can imagine, we are also overhauling another part of the system. With these changes, there will be even more options to customize your ship to make it the optimal enemy pulverizer.

The coming days we will be finishing these changes. Don’t forget to check the livestreams to see the new weapons added to the game right before your eyes. The black hole gun has been based on feedback given by you, the players, and we will continue listening to you over the course of the development, so keep the suggestions coming!

587 commits, 6338 lines of code, 256 enemies spaghettified, and 256 awesome