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Us posting less newsposts does not mean we are no longer working on this game. Quite the opposite actually: we have been working very hard on the gameplay and graphics and we are slowly moving towards finalising certain systems in anticipation of the release.

Of course the game is far from done yet, but next Tuesday we will have our first live playtesting session. In this session players will get access to our newest version. Using their experiences and feedback we can further improve the game to make it fun to a wider audience. Soon after the playtesting session we will also make this newest version publicly accessible.


If you are interested in what we are working on. The last two days we have been streaming our work on this game on Twitch. Not only can you see how the pixels make their way to the screen, but you will also be able to see the newest features at work and of course it is also a great opportunity to leave your feedback and ideas behind and maybe see those implemented right before your eyes. So keep an eye on the livestreams (links below) or follow the programmers on twitter to get instant notifications.

Check back on this website regularly for the newest updates and keep an eye out for a very important announcement next week!

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