Alpha too

by Tom on

After the video from two days ago, we also want to give you access to a playable version. The big new feature is the upgrade system that will play an important role in the game. You will now be able to choose which weapons you want to use and make them even more awesome by making the faster, stronger and more annoying for your enemies.
So what are you waiting for? Go to the download page and start obliterating the enemies with some fancy new equipment.

For those people that want to know everything about the changes we made, below is the complete changelog for this version.

+ two new weapons: the small missile launcher and starbeam
+ upgrade system for weapons, allowing you to choose your secondary weapon and upgrade your weapons
+ boss health bars
+ shield HUD that shows the current state of your shields
+ cooldown and charging display for secondary weapon
+ several new movement patterns, while removing some others that were not interesting
+ graphics and audio settings in the options-menu
+ score particles
* some enemy balancing
* drone boss rotation tweaked
* decreased size of the hitbox for the beard
* improved mouse pointer behaviour
* fixed some parsing problems on non-english computers
* also... coloured explosions