by Tom on

It has been a while, but for a good reason. We have been working on a lot of small things that have been laying around for a while. In fact we halved our current todo-list over the last couple of days, but we are far from done yet.

We made some important steps to implementing the upgrade system. We have revisited the code that controls the weapons, so we can now more easily add more epic guns. Huge rocket launcher or super deadly laser. You name it and we can make it. With this basis, we can also add modifiers to equipment to make it even more powerful, and that is not just limited to weapons.

The next step is to build upon this new code to create the upgrade system. At different points during the game you will have the choice between a number of upgrades. This can be a completely new weapon or an upgrade to one of your existing weapons or shields. Without these upgrades you will be little more than target practice for the enemies you will encounter on your quest to beat Chuck’s highscore.

Keep your eyes on this place to be the first one to find out which awesome things you will be able to do to decimate your enemies and make them explode all over the screen.

308 commits, 3903 lines of code, 48 defeated bosses and 83 awesome