Let there be waves

by Paul on

Last Sunday saw the release of our first alpha. We have had some awesome feedback already and are looking forward to hearing more from you. If you have not checked out the game yet, you should absolutely head on over to the download page right now. Yes. Right now.

While the game is already a lot of fun to play, it is far from done yet. This means we have not been sitting still the last couple of days. Firstly, we have set some new milestones and revisited the design of the upgrade system that the game will have. This feature will be implemented over the next couple of days and will make the game be much more interesting than it is right now.

Additionally, we have worked on of the big missing elephants in the room: audio. While neither of us had much experience in this area, we had surprisingly little trouble making sounds and music work in the game and hopefully we will be able to add some awesome sound effects soon, so blowing up the boss feels even more epic.

Speaking of which, did you already beat it?

Seriously though, we really cannot have you listening to our place holder sound effects. Not to mention the music. Though the latter may have more to do with copyright reasons than making your ears bleed.

263 commits, 3358 lines of code, one accidental 48 hour day and 74 awesome