by Paul on

As of today we have reached our first big milestone. We are releasing the first public alpha version of Beard Game!

And with that I have two questions for you:

Can you make it to and beat the boss?

How high can you raise the score?

Now, the game is not even close to finished, but we think it is important to be very open about the development process and to have non-developers play and test our game even in this early stage, so putting something playable online is an obvious step.

In return, we would like to ask a favour of everyone interested: If you try out the game, consider giving us some feedback. Let us know what you like or dislike about it. What you think we can improve. And also share your ideas for more things to add in the future, or whatever else you have.

That way we can not only make the game much better than we could alone, but it also gives you a chance to voice your opinion and participate in the game's development, which will result in the final game being more to your liking than it otherwise would have been!

Of course, feel free to share the game with friends, or anyone else who might be interested, and if you should make screenshots or videos, do not hesitate to do with them as you please.
In fact, we would love to see how other people play the game, so please let us know if you put anything online!

But enough talking for now. You can download the latest build of the game on the download page!


Apparently the version we first put online did not work on all graphics cards that it should have worked on. So, I disabled some graphical effects and fixed another thing, and now it should work.

251 commits, 3258 lines of code, 18 beards shaved and 42 awesome