Pretty pictures

by Paul on

This post is a tiny bit late, however we got some stuff to show for it!

However, before I get there, notice that orange atom-feed symbol to the top right of this post. That means you can now subscribe to our news with your favourite feed reader and never miss an update. And you don't even have to check our site! Though you totally should. Totally.

In actual news, and while it took a while (through no fault of our artist Heiny, check him out on the team page!), we finally got some proper art to show. In fact, we have already put several of the new enemy sprites in the game, together with new weapons, different enemy behaviour and lots of other things.

So, as a small teaser enjoy these two screenshots:


Keep in mind that even though we are making great progress, everything you see here is still work in progress and things might change in all kinds of ways.


And that is it already for today. But keep your eyes open, and maybe subscribe to our feed.

We are sure to post more cool stuff soon!

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