Let me parse your buttons, please

by Paul on

I feel that I may be repeating myself, but we have been quite busy those last few days.

As mentioned before, we are working on a procedural level generator, to make the game much more replayable and fun. We have made good progress in that area, but except for a lot of smart (and some not so smart) code, there is little to show as of yet.
Something that I can show is what we call our template-files. Those are basically JSON files that we use to split the definition of enemies, upgrades and more from the code. That way, we will in the future be able to add lots of content fast, without having to change the code of the game. We will also be able to balance the game easily, simply by adjusting some numbers in those files with our favourite text editor.

If you have paid attention, you may have noticed this also means another thing: You will be able to add and remove content and (un)balance the game as you wish. At least if we will decide to expose that interface. No promises as of yet though. (But between the two of us: Moddable games are awesome.)

And because I like to show off my code, here is a small example of what such a template file (in this case of a simple weapon) looks like right now (though they will probably become slightly more involved in the future, as we add features).

"name" : "yellowplasmagun",
"user" : "beard",
"value" : 10,
"class" : "simpleWeapon",
"projectile" : "yellowplasma",
"delay" : 0.2,
"muzzleSpeed" : 15

We are also using JSON for other purposes, for example to save the user's settings. That of course includes their choice of controls. But since not many people enjoy changing their control scheme using a text editor, there will of course be appropriate options in game. Given that I like making things look fancy, there is no way we were just going to display the names of the keys.

Hence, to the right you see what I did this evening, in-game fake keyboard keys! With those now as easy to draw as any regular piece of text, it will not be long before I get around to making the controls adjustable.

And that is enough for today. Check back soon on actual news on the procedural level generation and maybe even some explosions and/or pixels, whichever we will have too many of then.

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