90 degrees

by Paul on

The last few days were quite eventful.

For once we met a number of awesome people who are interested in working with us on the game. Nothing has been decided yet, but what we can say is that we should be able to show you the first concept art and possibly music soon. Stay tuned for that, and for updates on new team members!
Also, if you are interested in joining the team yourself, read more on the jobs page and let us know.

Secondly, we have made good progress on the game itself. While still running with temporary content, the underlying code has expanded a lot. Among the visible results of that are menus, and with that the ability to start, pause, resume and end games, configurable settings and controls, an exciting score system, including score modifiers and multi-kill combos and also: explosions.


For the next few days we will be mainly working on our procedural level generation, which will create a unique game every time you play, choosing out of a large variety of environments, enemies, enemy behaviours, enemy equipment and other things. It will also make sure that each game becomes more challenging over time as the player becomes more powerful as well and there is always a small chance it will throw you into one of the several secret bonus levels for extra score and lulz.

111 commits, 1640 lines of code, 5 liters of coke and 12 awesome