One Week

by Paul on

This project is now almost exactly one week old.

We knew we wanted to make a game for some time now, and at that point had been talking about little else for days. Many ideas were thrown around the room, but in the end we settled on this one. It had everything we wanted: exciting gameplay, replayability, awesome graphics, and most importantly explosions.

On a personal note it is also great to revive a project of mine, which never made it out of the prototype stage and which I had secretly hoped to continue one day ever since.

So, where are we after one week?

As silly as it sounds, we are almost exactly where the prototype was when I left it, which certainly sounds strange if we consider that that one only took me two days, and that we are now twice as many programmers.
However, when I was making the prototype way back, I really had no idea where I was heading, I just wanted to make a game to shoot stuff and started working on it without giving it a second thought.

This time around we actually have a plan and make the game with future features in mind. So, while we do not have more features than we had before, we do have a much more solid basis on which to implement awesome stuff in the future.

This weekend we will finish the last few things to get the game properly playable, including a menu featuring the all important ‘new game’ button, and probably other stuff I cannot be bothered to think of right now. Our issue system has a much better memory than me anyways.

Something else we will be doing next week is meeting awesome people who are interested in working with us on making this the most epicest game ever. Come back in a few days for a post on that!

70 commits, 889 lines of code, 2 liters of coke and 7 awesome