Announcing: Exploding Holiday Stream

by Paul on

Last Saturday I was streaming the entire implementation of our newest playable ship. A bunch of people showed up and we had a great time figuring out the details of the ship's gameplay together, and of course blowing up enemies. A lot.


At the end of the stream the ship was fully functional, including two unique upgrades and an ultimate mode and our closed beta testers got the chance to try it out the same evening.


However, there are still a bunch of things to be done before the ship is fully finished. One of them is to polish its ultimate mode. While it is mostly functional, there are a lot of small things about it that still need to be improved, most of them being graphical shenanigans.


That is what I will be doing this Wednesday, in an exciting special holiday stream, and befitting the season I promise loads of explosions and firework!

So, if you are interested in seeing our new ship, and in particular its ultimate mode being developed, make sure to drop by my Twitch this Wednesday, 16:00-21:00 CET (click for your time zone):

As always, I look forward to discussing anything related to our game or game development in general, to answer your questions, or just to hang out and enjoy some explosions together. Of course, feel free to also invite anybody else you think may be interested and share the event on your social networks. The more, the merrier!

Hope to see you on Wednesday. Until then, enjoy the pixels!