12h Development Live Stream - Making a ship from scratch

by Paul on

This Saturday I have a little something special in store for everyone interested:

I will be implementing a new playable ship for Roche Fusion, starting just with some art assets, and ending with a completely playable ship, including weapons, upgrades, and an ultimate mode.

Concept art of the new ship.

And the entire thing will be streamed live on my Twitch page:


I will be starting this Saturday, at 8:00AM CET (click for your local time), and be working for up to 12 hours (minus a few tiny breaks) straight.

If you'd like to see how we are creating content for Roche Fusion, this is a great opportunity for you to drop by, watch, ask questions, chat, or just have a good time.
I'll be happy to answer any questions you have during the stream, and maybe you can even influence how this new ship is implemented with your own ideas!

Hope to see you there!