Gamescom; Gameswent

by Tom on

Gamescom is virtually the same as Roche Fusion: your brain tries to deal with an overload of signals, and in the meanwhile you try to stay alive. There are also differences: I would not recommend trying to blow everything up at Gamescom, because you will most likely end up in a German jail.

After three days of Gamescom, I am completely exhausted. I would argue that "exhaustion" is a keyword in describing Europe's largest gaming convention, together with "brilliant", "noisy", and "crowds", large crowds.


Within this chaos of gamers, press and cosplay, we have been able to show Roche Fusion to numerous people. We enjoyed talking to each and everyone of them, and we hope this feeling is mutual.


Now that Gamescom has officially come, and officially went, our lives will return to their quiet, ordered selves. After a short break, we will get back on track, adding even more content and implementing the feedback we received from our loyal beta testers and some of the people we met at Gamescom.