Here we Gamescom!

by Tom on

Between packing the last stuff into my bags and making sure I leave everything behind nice and tidy, I am still able to find some time to give you a quick update. In a few hours, Paul and me will be leaving for Gamescom in Cologne, where we will walk around for three days and hopefully meet a lot of cool people.

As we do not have a booth ourselves, we will just be walking around. If you would like to come by, say hi, take a picture, get an autograph, or just try out the latest closed beta version, it is thus the easiest if you drop us an email at, or send a tweet at me (@tomrijnbeek) or Paul (@amulware), which we will try to check as much as possible.

While we are at Gamescom, we obviously can not get much work done. That doesn't mean we'll stop posting updates though. We will try to keep you posted throughout the event, so follow us on Twitter or keep an eye over here - at the dev log - to make sure you're always up-to-date with the latest events.