Greensleeves is all my joy

by Paul on

Yes indeed, Greensleeves is probably one of my most favourite songs ever.

In other news, you know those environmentally friendly guys in Roche Fusion? That always come for you when you shoot them, and just annoy you with their boring and predictable behaviour, that is hardly even challenging most of the time?

Well, fret not! For I sat down today, and finally ironed out the behaviour of some more of those pacifist and somewhat unexperienced enemies, to give the existing ones some company, and to make Roche Fusion more exciting!

In fact, I wrote a seven pages long design document, which includes a reskin, a slight redesign, and a bunch of new stuff. The release of the most fancy part of the document still has do be cleared with our non existent legal department, but otherwise, I thought I share with you what I came up with!


See the image above for an overview, and click right here to download the pdf.
Also, of course feel free to let us know what you think!