A colourful stream

by Paul on

I had another great and fun development stream today, and we got quite a few things done.

First, I changed the way that collision damage works. Previously, once the player collided with any enemy, they could not collide again for half a second. This is still very similar, but the important change is that this immunity period is now not a global one, but only for the single enemy that the player collided with.
The advantage of these changes are that we can now have enemies that deal different amounts of contact damage. I already decreased the contact damage of the smallest red, and the round blue enemies. A single collision with one of those now cannot kill the player anymore.

Further, Heiny suggested that I look into giving the Freakin Lazor some knock-back to make it feel more powerful. After a bit of head scratching and heavy squinting, that turned out to not be too difficult, and so that change was made, and I am curious to see what our closed beta participants will think about if.

Lastly, and this took easily the majority of the streaming time, I started work on a new upgrade, which I call the Rainbow Of Doom. Since it is not quite finished yet - I focused on the graphical side first, and will implement the gameplay soon - I will spare you a long winded explanation, but instead just leave you with an image.