Being (at) Epic(on)

by Tom on

Last weekend I talked to dozens (if not hundreds) of people at the Epicon Summer convention in Den Bosch, The Netherlands. Whoever thinks that spending two days hanging around at a convention and talking to all kinds of people about Roche Fusion, game development, Game of Thrones, and how annoying it is to get paint out of your ears, does not leave you completely wasted afterwards, is hereby invited to try it once. Nevertheless - as the only team member present all the way through the weekend - I had a great time meeting new people, catching up with other people, collecting feedback for Roche Fusion, and fooling around.

With the new insights from Epicon and a long todo list of other things, there will be a lot to work on over the next couple of weeks. Since summer has officially started now, we are hoping to up the rate at which we can implement new features and hopefully implement all the feedback our close beta participants are flooding us with.

I will go on vacation for a week, clearing my mind a bit - and probably filling it with a lot of new ideas - but I am sure the rest of the team will soon be able to present you more ships, more music, more enemies and most importantly, more explosions!