Something special

by Paul on

Just a quick reminder and announcement:

There will, as every week, be a Roche Fusion development lifestream over at in just 15 hours and a bit (Sunday 16:00 GMT, every week)!

This time around, we have something special planned.
For the first time we will try to have both developers appear in the same stream, and we will hopefully be able to switch between our screen in such a way to provide our viewers with maximum explosions!

What we will be doing, I hear you asking? Well, actually that partly depends on you!
While we will focus on working with the feedback we got during our first week of closed beta, I will give you guys my todo list, and you can tell me what to work on while we are live.

So, make sure to come on over, and say hi.
We are looking forward to talking to all of you, and answering any questions you may have!