Better late than never

by Paul on

TL;DR: Explosions! Also, neat video at bottom of post!

Just a quick summary of what we did on stream last week.

We did a lot of work on a new set of weapons for our enemies.
The idea behind those weapons is to give the player an incentive not to hold down the shoot button all the time. This is done, by making the weapons charge faster if the enemy is hit by the player's bullets.

To make that work we first had to change the weapon charge system to be energy based, instead of time based as before. Then we made a little shield effect that would absorb damage when the weapon was charging, and added that damage to the charge of the weapon.
While not finished we started on a neat graphical effect for this, where the charging weapon would have a growing particle effect, with particles streaming inwards, as if absorbing energy from the surroundings. We may later also add that projectiles that hit the enemy are actually turned into particles that fall into the charging effect.

Once fully charged the weapon releases a fairly slow moving projectile, which explodes after a short while. To make sure the player gets away in time, the projectile pulsates, slowly at first, and then rapidly, shortly before it explodes. For the explosion itself we also added a new shock-wave effect, which works different from out regular explosions. Instead consisting of a number of particles flying outward, this effect spawns particles in an expanding ring, each with a slightly randomised behaviour, which makes it look very neat and detailed.

None of the things described are completely done yet, and the especially the graphics still have to be fine tuned a lot, but here is a screenshot of how it looks right now.


And on a last note, something else I did just today was increase the radius and damage of the explosion caused by the player's death. And while I was at it, I also added the same effect to it, though this may be reverted or changed in the future.

Laggy video: