#1 Official Weekly Stream

by Paul on

We had the first official weekly stream today.
If you did not know yet, we are streaming for about five hours, each Sunday at 16:00 GMT, over at Twitch.

The first thing I did was work on the warp effect. The idea of giving the player more of a trail, and adding an effect for breaking the light-barrier have been going around for quite a while. Both people in and out of the team have brought this up, so I thought, lets do it.

Technically, the effects are fairly simple. At least for the time being, the light-barrier-break is just the same distorting shock wave effect as is used for explosions and other things.


The trail was also not difficult technically, since I could reuse the trails that all projectiles use already.
I had to make the trail non-static (moving downwards), which caused a small bug in the orientation of the trail pieces, but that was fairly easily fixed after I got what was happening.


Getting the trail to fade out correctly, and slightly after the logical end of the warp, had me thinking for a moment, but I came up with a solution that I find quite elegant (it uses the proxy and strategy design patterns).
(Note: Both look even more awesome in the game of course! ;))

Lastly I also started work on a new weapons for the enemies, specifically the green ones, about which you will probably hear a lot more soon.
It already partly works, but since it doesn't look like anything yet, I'll keep the screenshots for later.

Thanks to everybody who checked out the stream, and this post.
And remember to check back here for more behind the scenes stuff in the future, and of course the weekly stream, each Sunday!